Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tonight's presentation . . .

I just received word from Don Morin that tonight's presentation is called "The Implications of John Crane, Inc. v. Jones (if you click it, the case will come) for Civil Trial Practice and Expert Witness Designations."

The menu tonight is delicious chicken souvlaki from the Shebeen, so bring your appetite and a thirst for knowledge.

In the meantime, watch this video of Steve McQueen from the Great Escape. He died of mesothelioma, just like the plaintiff's decedent in the Crane case.:

See everyone at 6!

Welcome to the official site of the Thomas Jefferson Inn of Court

We are experimenting with utilizing the intarwebs to notify members and the public of our various activities, so we've created this admittedly boring-looking website. It's still under construction, so it may change in appearance. It will be available for members to see what the upcoming programs are, and to check on any news. Also, I will be posting whichever presentation groups are going next, and that group can email me their topic, and even their program, and we can see if I'm smart enough to post it.

Commenting is going to be permitted, and will be permitted on an anonymous (i.e. you don't have to register with blogger) basis. We're going to see how this works, and if we need to limit access later, we will.

Tonight's meeting will feature a presentation by Don Morin of Morin & Barkley -- don't miss it!