Friday, March 2, 2012

March 8 Meeting! Legal Aid Justice Center, 6 PM

Hello all --

Our March 8 meeting should be excellent. Here is the description of the presentation from our fearless leader, Don Morin, who unfortunately cannot make the meeting:

On March 8, 2012, we will present a special program on the proposed Virginia Rules of Evidence. Lee Livingston and I will moderate a discussion with the Inn about the Virginia Rules of Evidence. Rachel Horvath will assist us in the preparation for and presentation of the discussion.

Lee will begin the presentation by discussing the status of the Rules in the present legislative session. As of February 13, 2012, the Rules passed the Senate with amendments, but there is still the matter of getting the Rules through the House. We do not know today what the status of the Rules will be on March 8, but Lee will bring us up to date.

I have invited Professor Kent Sinclair to lead the discussion and to provide his comments. If his schedule does not allow him to attend, Lee, Rachel and I will lead the discussion. In addition, I am sending personal invitations to Justice Lemons, Judge Hogshire, Judge Higgins, Judge Downer and Judge Barkley to attend the meeting.

At this time, we invite all members of the Inn to submit questions before the meeting for consideration by the panel and discussion by the entire Inn. Please send your questions or topics you wish to discuss to Lee and me at the following email addresses: and In preparation for the meeting, I have attached a copy of the proposed Virginia Rules of Evidence.

I expect we may have a very good turnout for this meeting and ask that you RSVP at your earliest convenience to Will Tanner at his email address We want to make sure we have enough food and refreshments including a sufficient number of boxes of wine. We look forward to an evening of questions, comments and, perhaps controversy.

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Even if you have RSVP'd previously, please let me know if you're coming so I can get the caterer straight.....


Your humble and perpetual Secretary/Treasurer