Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meeting notice -- September 13!

Hello all--

The first official meeting of the year is upon us, this Thursday, September 13, at 6 PM.  We will be meeting at the usual spot -- The Legal Aid Justice Center, 1000 Preston Avenue, in the conference room.  The topic for discussion is as follows:

Under a new Federal program, young undocumented immigrations can now apply for legal recognition from Federal immigration authorities and, specifically, can get legal authorization to work.  Legal Aid has lined up at least 8 law students who are going to work with eligible applicants from the Charlottesville area to gather the documents needed to apply.   Legal Aid would like a small number of attorneys to sign up to oversee and sign off on the applications.   This would be a natural and relatively painless way for our membership to pitch in.   Doug Ford, the Legal Aid front man on this issue, will come to our September meeting and outline the project, and answer any questions the membership might have.

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Your outgoing Secretary/Treasurer and incoming President-Elect.