Friday, November 8, 2013

Meeting notice, 11/14/13, 6 PM, and PRESENTATION GROUPS ASSIGNED!

Hello everybody!

The next meeting of the Inn is Thursday, November 14, at 6 PM, at the Legal Aid Justice Center.

AND, now that we've had some time to ponder how to divide this up, here are your presentation groups:

Tom Albro
Bill Archambault
Richard Armstrong
John Davidson
Judge Downer
Bruce Gehle

Fletcher Harkrader
Christine Thomson
Rachel Horvath
David Irvine
Kelly LaPar
Lee Livingston
Ed Lowry
Tim Lyons

John Kitzmann
Kim Mattingly
Dan Meador
Don Morin
Jim Neale
Waverly Parker
Marc Peritz

Jessica Phillips
Ed Slaughter
Bryan Slaughter
David Thomas
Ron Tweel
Vaden Warren

Bryan Wright
Jimmy Zunka
John Zunka
Fred Payne
Revecca Hryvniak
Jason Seiden
Brad Chandler

Elizabeth Hurt
Laura Butler
Peter Ervin
Jim Hingeley
Lawton Tufts
Dean L'Hospital
Addison Barnhardt
Heather Carlton

I will be contacting this month's group via email this very day, so there will be a lively and informative (and, we are hopeful, CLE compliant--sorry about that, they surprised me with that one) presentation.

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